Shall I speak to you of dreams?

No, not of dreams. What I speak of lies before waking, but beyond sleep.

There is a moment, just before the dreamer stirs, when the mysteries of the world offer up their meanings. There is a moment, just beyond the ordinary, when perfection can be reached playing a melody or telling a tale. This moment is born in a world that lies between reality and dream. To reach it is as precious as life, but as dangerous as a nightmare.

For this is Tarya, a world that sits next to our own. A world that those with creative gifts can reach, if they dare. In Tarya, dreams can be explored… or plundered. Few can reach Tarya, and even fewer understand the power that can be found there. For in this other realm, the imagined can be made real.

When Mina joins the travelling players and is initiated into the secrets of Tarya, her life is changed by what she discovers there. But this is only the beginning of her discoveries, for the secrets in her own world are far worse, and threaten to unravel the lives of many. Discover the secrets of Tarya inĀ Harlequin’s Riddle, the first book in an intriguing fantasy trilogy about the places that creativity can take you.